Thank-You Note Christmas 2015

This Christmas season I am grateful for the coming together of my family, not because tradition says we must, but because right now, under one roof we are stronger, support can be given in the simple, the daily and the love is easier to find. Conversely I am grateful for the challenges that super concentrated time with family brings! Each interaction is a chance to learn from their reaction, my response, my impatience, their words, my thoughts and to remember I have a choice in every moment.

I have learnt that taking time in the morning to be alone, to breath and to move is not only a daily habit I love, but hugely colours how sincere my good morning to others really is! I have also learnt that when I make time to meditate, I create space between my breath and my thoughts, consequently making the choice of responding rather than reacting easier to make. In essence, making time for what nourishes me, means that I have the energy to play with my nephews joyfully, to cook up a delicious storm in the kitchen and to stay up all night to watch like an owl someone precious in a hospital bed. 

I am grateful for the strange looks my family give me when I drink hot water with lemon and the question of why don’t you treat yourself to a tea bag and milk? For the light conversation over dinner, covering vegetarianism, religion, future plans, my passion for avocados and tactics in how to encourage the youngest member to eat a dinner that is not waffles and baked beans.

I am grateful for the differences and years between us, the lack of answers, the unexpected and the unbelievable. For the feelings of overwhelm, helplessness and the relief in finding my response is to go both inwards and out. Inwards to discover that I do have resources that can re-inspire and re-energise me and that I just need to listen. Outward to my partner, soul sisters, friendships, inspiring books, nature filled walks; the stuff that lights me up when the inner flame is burning low. Indeed I am so thankful for the gifts both in and out already present, that this season’s usual pressures seem more manageable, simple and small.

I am grateful for my growing passion for sacred time spent in the kitchen creating nourishing food for a fussy eater, communicating through my cooking how much I love you and how much I have to share. For the invitation to eat dinner early in the evening with my nephews, leaving me time to rest, digest, create and going lighter to bed.

I am grateful for the unconditional love I have felt and observed this Christmas. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of a family that has this love with no limitations for me and I for them. A door always open, a bed always ready. What a sweet fact that I should be granted this gift for life, a gift that because I have been given it I can give too. There are so many challenges right now, between these walls and far far beyond and we cannot know all that the future holds, yet to be part of a family and know we are in this together is a daily blessing that this winter I remember. And as the end of the year approaches I am grateful for spacious moments in which to reflect, weave dreams, be still and to plan...get lost sometimes and phone a look forward from here and to ask what is next dear 2016 what is next?