From: Words To: Movement, With Love

[Featured at, June 2015]


A space charged with our stillness

The room filled with my doubt

Words move in my breathing

Sometimes they remain quiet in my mouth.


Words from the past and the future

And their place in my now

Each week a veil’s lifted

My life patterns unveil.


Those with loved ones and liked ones

And past ones and new 

Ways of perceiving

My thoughts as creating


The story I’ve written

Though I don’t always see

And instead blame my co-writers

For where I find me.


I can leave sessions elated

Lighter and so understood

Other times I’m exhausted

With the words is there anything else?


I walk slowly and listen

To what I need most

What I need to feel cared for

What will nourish my soul.


And here yoga is something

I find is my key

For it guides me so sweetly

From words to movement with love.


In my child where there’s quietness

A tired minds held by the heart

Where my spine opens deeply

So do my thoughts.


Oh thoughts they sink and they settle

And they slide and they squirm

I breathe clearly towards them 

I choose letting go I give up


Trying to change age-old patterns

With just words and no body

I embody my discovery

Every word held in my being,


 I offer it up.