The Yin Yoga Circle @ Samsara Mind and Body


“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”
― Ralph G. Nichols

Yoga teacher and movement psychotherapist Ciara Collins-Atkins brings The Yin Yoga Circle to Samsara Mind and Body in the form of a two hour workshop. This is a great opportunity to try out the original Yin Yoga Circle eight week course in one afternoon!

The Yin Yoga Circle is an invitation to experience the unity and power of gathering within a circle of people, infusing the healing benefits of sharing what’s on your mind and listening, with the nourishing practise of yin yoga.

Guided by Ciara, the session will begin with an opportunity to share where you're at and listen to others. This can be a word, a shrug, an avalanche of words, all enabling us to move into our body with more awareness of where we are starting from.

Inspired by the beginning of the session, Ciara will then lead you into a deeply nourishing and healing yin yoga sequence, tailored for the circle of people present on that day.

No previous experience of yoga is necessary to benefit from the magic of yin. In yin yoga the poses are for all bodies. Each pose, usually held between one to five minutes, is created to open the meridian lines of the body and to allow energy (chi) to flow more freely. Within the stillness of each pose, the connective tissue of the body is accessed, allowing deeply embedded tension to be released...welcome into you’re body more energy, more ease and more spaciousness in which to truly listen to yourself and others.

Within these poses, our attention will shift inwards as we practise the art of listening to our bodies; the way in which we listen and speak to ourselves often reflects and impacts how we listen and speak to others. 

Each pose will be delved into deeply to dissolve tension and stretch out stress, leading us with ease into a guided meditation.The session will be completed with time in which to share anything that has arisen from the practise, in which to listen, in which to be just as you are.

Ciara’s experience of yin yoga classes and always wanting a little bit before and a little bit after the practise to share and listen to other people, is what led her to creating a circle where this could happen! Speaking our truth and being truly heard is one of the most healing experiences there is, and when we invite the intelligence of the body into the process this experience moves into to a deeper level of understanding, awareness and clarity.

Date: Saturday 30th May

Time: 15.00-17.00

All levels are welcome.


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