Life As I Saw It When I Heard You Were Gone

                   [Featured at, August 2015]                

                   We are sublime slithers of light

                   Specks of precious dust

                   With giant dreams

                  That occupy and stimulate

                   Are minds so small

                   To greater heights

                   We’re here to grow

                   And nothing more.


                  Expect surprises

                  A universe that moves

                  To shock and challenge

                   Inspire and sadden

                   Do not lose time

                   Thinking there’s more

                   Do not lose time

                  Thinking it’s less

                  Than amazing

                  A privilege to be here at all.


                 Remember love

                The only force 

                Worth fighting for

                 Like honey sticks

                 When you are set

                  Open wide

                   Let in 

                 Let in

                   Let in.


                  And think in love

                  And think real deep

                  When you are dreaming

                  Where to place 

                  Your focus on

                   For there is no child

                  That shines sublimely

                  Without first feeling

                 They’re worth receiving 

                  A love that grows


                 More than dust

                More than slithers of light

                 More than our thoughts

                 At their greatest height

                  There is no replacement

                  And no real good reason

                 Why love should not dictate

                 Our entire overthinking

                  Human race.


                (Take what you will 

                From these words

                 But don’t pretend 

                 That you know less

                  Than I of this

                 But move from mine

                  Into yours

                  Write down all the nothings

                  And somethings

                  You can change your mind

                   But there is only one self.