Small Seeds Of Awareness

I sip in some quietness

And take in my thoughts,

Like dogs off their leash

Take off with excitement

They run and roam in their freedom

I follow each steadily.


I breathe in I breathe out

They run off

They come back,

A dance of consistence

Through which I’m restored.


There is calm when uncentered

I locate my self  when I’m lost,

Nature’s balm made of sea breeze

And forrest,

You mother my soul.


Two places discovered

That serve me silence so sweet;

In my home sat so quietly

Timer set eyes close

Travel inwards on my breath.


And here thoughts 

Of thoughts like dogs

Wonder in wander on,

Some dissolve some develop

And some I dissect.


The second spot

Is when walking 

With a dog I call Faith,

Through the trees to the top

The grace the more pointful

I see with more ease.


Between these two places…

The busy!

The stressful!

The creativity,



And lately I've noticed

The same light in all three

They're less separate there's a constant,

Some silence some breath

Where before there was none.


Small seeds of awareness

Each time we stop,

Breath in towards the vital

Towards the beating

The facts.


Breath out towards nature

Within balance we find,

When we closely attune to;

Tiny glimpses of bliss.