Each Night Before I Sleep

feet .jpg

Beside my bed

Legs up,

My feet like fish

I watch.


Massage the space

Between my toes;

Miniature moves

End day with care.


In my head

I hear myself,

‘I’m on your side'

Hard skin on my heels I embrace.


Then hands hold calves

Of diamond shape, 

And muscles melt

In cupping palm.


I move to knees

I rock eyes soft,

A ball of bones

I fit so well.


Roll up

Legs long,

Head drops

Hands down


Bones droop

And tendons speak.

Breath replies

And gravity gets it.


My belly gargles

A happy sound?

Internal brook

Autonomous body,


I vow to hear

To follow 

Not push

Myself to the back of the queue,


Of who to please

When courage lacks

And I feel lost

A disconnect,


From sacred

Secret world

Inside this skin

I’m on my side.


And thus

Right now,

I respect

It’s time to sleep.