One Mundane Day. Add Attention, Acceptance+Respect. Stir Vigorously. Watch It Move Until It Is Still.

Let us be exceptionally clear in our actions.

Let us say no when it does not feel right.

Let us move towards what we dream of without distraction. 

Let interactions be presence and alive.

Not one person need be taken for granted,

(No matter how much we see them each day.)


Let respect rain like up north in the daily, 

In the routine, the mundane, between those close.

Let’s not wait for events or celebration,

To realise how lucky, how in love, how grateful we are.


That cup of tea you made with attention,

The eye contact with your words when you left

Is as precious

Maybe more,

Than that card, clink of glass, grand occasion.


So let’s not wait for the big ones to be thankful.

Let’s not wait for Sunday best for needed hugs.

Let’s not wait for those old pics to be thankful.

Let’s not wait to forgive and move on.


Instead let us wait for the magic,

In the simple

Priceless freedom,

Our weekdays.

Let nothing be too small for our attention,

Let today and all it holds 

Have us all.