Home is...Your Life Purpose.

Home is the opposite of being lost.

Home is time and time again always there.

Home was always there,

Waiting for you to take your place

In the most ‘just right’ chair.


Home is a door with a key that you hold.

Home is the choosing to enter,

The awareness of being,

In a space which is you.


Home is a body 

That was meant to be loved,

In a way that is showers and dinners

Of nourishment, kindness, celebration and love.


Home is acceptance of where you are now.

Home is the seeing of thoughts 

That don’t serve and then clearing them out.

Home is health at it’s highest.


Home is the health we don’t talk about;

The health of self talk,

What we say to ourselves,

Day in and day out.


Home is unpacking for good.

Lay it all out,

Then choose to live lightly,

Throw the toxic stuff out.


Home is the dream house

You never neglect

It is priceless and splendid

It is you at your most understood.