Seated With A Famous Question And Saying Nothing

~The Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia~

~The Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia~

I have been asking the same question for some time now. This question comes in many disguises and is very good at showing up when I feel least capable of answering it. This question gets a lot of press, this question gets around.

This question is (before we both get bored of this riddle) ‘What is my life purpose?’ Maybe you’ve also asked it, maybe you have stopped asking it but once did, maybe you’ve seen this question in one of it's guises on the cover of books in the self help/spiritual section (never been there of course) of your local bookshop.

Recently this question and I have been hanging out a lot, not much conversation happening at all…after a while I forgot it was there and placed my attention elsewhere. This was when words of wisdom showed up from various sources, each source adding a piece to one answer to this question.

I have heard this answer before, but it’s only now that’s it’s finally hitting home. And hitting home is just what we need, because to even begin to explore this question you need to feel at home first. At home in a space that you enjoy spending time in, that you take care of, that you choose who to invite into, a home that is you.

Perhaps it is because I’m moving around the globe a lot at the moment, that the idea of finding home in myself is something I'm exploring more and more. Right now as I simultaneously make myself at home in Tunisia and find myself in the company of the question ‘what is my life purpose?’, I’m beginning to realise that they are inextricably linked. There will be no purpose finding if you are not at home in yourself. This life purpose we seek is a by-product of another purpose; feeling at peace in you as you are today.

As mentioned in a previous post, I did indeed re-read ‘A New Earth’ By Eckhart Tolle, discovering right on cue Tolle’s explanation for finding your purpose in life;

There is no substitute for finding your true purpose…but the true or primary purpose cannot be found on the outer level. Your life has an inner and outer purpose. Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary. Outer purpose concerns doing and is secondary….finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose.
— Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth

In other words our primary purpose is to set up camp for good in the present moment, get really comfortable there, make friends with ourselves there, then find our secondary purpose from there, in full acceptance of ourselves and our tent making skills.

When Elena Brower was asked in a recent interview about her journey so far as a yoga teacher, she explains that her best work stems from taking good care of herself. In the same way that Tolle explains the primary and secondary purpose, Brower has also discovered that finding your purpose is two tiered. Firstly; be good to yourself; find out what this means for you. Secondly; allow what you do everyday to stem from this place of connected to you; perhaps what it truly means to work from home!

The secondary purpose may or may not change, but HOW you do it will. Any changes that need to be made will be clearer to see and decisions easier to make. I know for a fact that I have never made a good decision when I’ve been stressed out, run-down, emotional… i.e definitely not at home in myself!

Kris Carr's article on finding your life purpose is abundantly clear too;

Your purpose has nothing to do with what you do. There, I said it. Your purpose is actually quite simple, it’s to awaken. To discover and nurture who you truly are, to know and love yourself at the deepest level and to guide yourself back home when you lose your way.
— Kris Karr in The Myth of Finding Your Purpose

 Lastly a short sharp and powerful talk by writer Elizabeth Gilbert got the message home loud and clear. She speaks clearly of the need to make your way back home when you have been flung of course by success, failure, loss, gain…both the positive and negative can throw us off centre.

She urges us to keep it simple. Return to what you know. Do something worthy and true. Do something you love more than yourself, that is to say do that something that ignites your inner purpose and allows the outer purpose to follow not lead. Be patient and remain 100% on your side as you slowly but surely build yourself back up on a foundation that is solid, loving and built for life.