Swallow Pose

As we move,

Dancing swallows above,

Our sign of homecoming

Each time we look up.


No pondering birds

About what their home is,

They know without doubt,

As they playfully fly.


They are home,

Within wings of themselves,

In their bones,

In another.


As we consciously breathe,

Stretch our arms,

Bend our knees,

We’re re-finding this knowing

We are home in our cells,

As children we knew.


Like the swallows we played,

Through our movement we spoke,

As we grew we found talk,

And with words without play

We leave home.


Embody this life and return,

To a body that is moved,

Where we fly softly home

To a place where we’re whole,

In the sacred we play.


Landing gently we guide

Those around us to find

Their own wings,

A landing,

Feather soft.