The Yoga I Love (Letter) When I Travel

~pigeon pose in wellington boots~

~pigeon pose in wellington boots~

Dear Yin Yoga,

Thank you once again for saving my butt. For being there ever ready to gently bring me back to earth. Thank you for your compassion that greets me where ever I am at the start of my practise, reminding me that sometimes all I need to do is just show up on the mat and let you work your magic.

Thank you for your patience, as I slowly find my way into a pose and then stay there for minutes on end. Like a candle so very still but gradually melting, the light inside me growing brighter. Quiet as a mouse I become and Yin Yoga you let me. If I carve out the time for you and me, you then hold the space so well that my body is able to release deep tension I’d ignored or simply got used to.

Thank you for reminding me that when I turn my attention to my body and breath, I soon realise that my mind has been running ahead of itself, leaving my body to pick up the pieces and trying to keep up! Yin Yoga you reveal to me fear stacked up in my hips and anxiety stored in my belly. You can ease digestive woes and get my curvy back beaming from all the love and attention it’s just got.

In particular during this time of transition as I search for a new home, your pigeon pose has been priceless. I have discovered a compassionate and grounding pigeon pose with arms draped over a bolster and hands in prayer. Ten minutes here and I acknowledge everything that needs to be seen. I empty my hips of excess baggage and my hands held like this keep me grateful for all that I let go and all that I got. Do your thing body, Yin’s got your back.

Yin Yoga you’ve become especially important to me recently as I realise I have a whole lot of vata going on in my body. Typically vata, I love movement, travel and escaping the schedule. These are also the very things that throw me off balance, turning creativity, generosity and positivity into fear, anxiety and agitation.I know now that when tension builds up in my hips, pelvis and lower back (which it often does for us vatas after long journeys) I need to get grounded, I need to land wherever I am, and Yin Yoga you are now in my tool box.

Thank you Yin Yoga for being there when I feel tightness, tension and discomfort in my body. You rule.

Lots of love,

Very Vata Right Now Ciara x