Reluctant Monday

my desk.jpg

Monday morning,


I sit,

At my desk,

Could just


From it all,

Who would judge?


Time for 

Stretches of blue,

Above head,

Under feet,

No more 

Artistic grey,

Restricted light.

I need nature,

By my side,

All the time.


It’s time to unpack

The china for good.

For familiar

To grow like a plant

In my home,


How I breath



Time for  feelings

Of foreign 

To fade like a good pair of jeans.

For my feet to grow roots,

Deep like squash,

For the quietest of voices

In the soil,

To be heard.


A clear knowing that

Whatever I choose

Is not wrong;

There’s no right place to be.

Just decision.

Each decision a dish

That nourished

My needs

At that time.


The lingering feeling,

The learning

Is what matters.

Pure importance

On the now,

In everyday life.


Even Monday,

Find a moment,

Turn your mind

To the sun in your heart.

Drink in warmth,

Bright lit wisdom,

Loved ones close,

This warming,

This light,

On the glum,

On the desk.