Two Powerful Questions To Ask At The End Of A Year

2017? How could I forget you, you magical year.

2017? How could I forget you, you magical year.

During a beautiful video with Elena Brower, which  is just so excellent to view with a notebook and pen for anyone (not just yoga teachers!) wishing to reflect on last year and map out the next; these two questions; what were your wins of 2017 and what were your greatest challenges? 

At first I struggled to remember the details of last year, I couldn’t come up with any wins, and sure there were challenges but so what? I paused the video and took a moment to reflect. It felt strange to look back with simple curiosity as oppose to regret; that I find easy. 

Given space to remember, the memories began to arise ; I got married last year! This was my greatest win. As I wrote this down I realised this was also my greatest challenge. From here the list began to grow…

…Improved in french (win/challenge), set up home in Zürich (win/challenge), came off the pill in order to get my precious hormones back (win/challenge), returned to Paris to live the dream I always I wanted (win/challenge), let myself be truly seen by two dear friends (win/challenge), held my first workshop in collaboration with a live musician (win/challenge)…and the list goes on but I will refrain from going on.

The right question posed, a five minute pause to reflect and daring to write it all down in blue felt tip and my 2017 held meaning. It always did, I was just too busy planning the year ahead and already fretting about how much I wanted to achieve. Yet somehow, recalling how much happened last year grounded me and quietened my racing mind. All the wins were at first challenges. All the challenges I foresee for 2018 are also my wins in the making. Words of comfort as I prepare to move once more (Tunis part 2 ) and begin an exciting new yoga project (watch this proverbial space).

And now in honour of my greatest win/challenge; a poem to my shiny brand new sparkly husband.


My Greatest Win and Challenge

Time chimed
With emotion
Your face I will never forget

The first time  
His shoe trainers
I normally detest

My soul knew
My mind took
Awhile to catch up

His ego
Was patient
With mine

Space was a gift
In which
We both grew.

I surrendered
I shared
I realised

There was nothing
In me
He’d reject

Your too much
You must change
We must stop

Never came
The challenges
Our daily bread

A slow walk
To your smile
Your face I will never forget.