Self Talk For Self Love

Maybe one day I will only write about stuff that I am completely on the other side of. Maybe. Maybe not. For now I will continue sharing from a place of mostly still grappling with what I am writing about. 

Maybe the writing is part of the grappling. It most definitely is. Writing has always been my go to grappling tool and this blog just a page from that library of notebooks I feel able to share.

Yin Yoga 2.JPG

This is also the place from which I teach. Both teaching and writing are an extension of an ongoing studentship in yoga and life (though more and more they are becoming the same subject). Modules so far include; exploring, grappling, struggling, plateauing, lighting up, dimming down and switching off. 

March Module: Grappling

Question: Can our yoga practise help cultivate a healthier way of interacting with ourselves rather than being another area of our life in which we self talk in a way we wouldn’t dream of talking to a friend if we wanted to keep having friends?

Answer: I think so.

My notes so far on how to heal harmful self talk:

1. Listen to what your saying to yourself.

2. Listen to the judgemental thoughts you are having about others. This is most likely what you fear being judged on and is ferocious fuel for harmful self talk.

3. Try the ‘Thought Log Challenge’ à la Laurie Gerber at The Handel Group. Everyday, for two weeks, write your thoughts down for five minutes. Do this three times a day and observe what happens when you see your thought patterns day in day out in black and white…

4. Meditate daily. Even for just five minutes; sit with your imperfect perfection human self, sit with your divine self, sit with it all, sit on your bottom and accept it ALL.

5. Embody your yoga practise. By this I mean become aware of why you are doing it, how you are doing it and what kind of self talk you interact with during your practise (heck, bring the Thought Log to yoga class if your feeling rebellious!). From this growing awareness, make choices about how you want to interact with yourself both on and off the mat.