A Lesson From The Sea

Saint Malo

Saint Malo

A short trip to the sea from the city to begin the year. It felt so good to be by nature. Though I have never lived by the sea, there is something so familiar about seeing and hearing the waves, breathing in the salty air. And yet. There is also something inside of me that puts so much pressure on such trips for everything to be perfect, that I actually end up getting in the way of the beautiful, messy, so very human flow of things. 

Sometimes your partner’s idea of relaxing is going to be cryptocurrency. Sometimes you will get up at the crack of dawn to walk by the sea and discover a storm; there is no where to walk - go back to bed dear woman. Sometimes tea will be served in coffee cups with hot frothy milk; to leave the house is to risk experiencing this madness.

Sometimes relaxing is daring to sit with boredom and seeing what happens. Sometimes it’s easier to get angry with the person you love the most rather than deal with the fact that you're angry at you. Sometimes it’s okay to do more than one thing at a time; you are completely capable of doing this without getting flustered if you just remember to breathe. Sometimes hearing the sea helps you remember the smallness of you and the vastness of this moment. Every time the reassuring rhythms of nature remind me that when I try to control a situation and resist reality, I need to check myself and see what this is really about. It was never about the tea, not really.



The Sea At Saint Malo


Saint Malo

Rough grey skin

Of stone walls and oyster shells

I tasted this town

The sea in my mouth

Fierce queen

That follows the moon


From fierce to playful

From rageful to calm

I leave the door open at night

Feel the sounds of the sea

Cover me

A most nourishing cloak

I nestle in

Watch light absorb dark

I’ve returned

To the great wildesh mother

The point where the earth

Meets the sea

Reminds me of matter

And liquid in me


Tides within cells

And cells within tides

I follow the moon

Though I do not accept it

From fierce to playful

From rageful to calm

The men cannot go fishing today

The great wildesh mother

They respect

And me?

I go within

Behind walls of rough skin

My very own shell

I watch the storm from inside

Marvel at the moon

I know the tide must come in

Before it goes out

I met her


Saint Malo.