Top 5 Natural Beauty Products in Tunisia

Inhale rose…exhale rose…

Inhale rose…exhale rose…

At some point after moving to Tunisia, products that you brought with you run out. The next visitor is far off and you find yourself without your ‘must have’ cleanser, moisturiser, shampoo and you realise  ‘must have’ just don’t get cos you are farrrrrrrr from home (and amazon) . Fellow toiletries addicts you know what I mean!

Recently this happened to me and I found myself cutting open my favourite bottle of hair cream like a crazy woman trying to extract the very last drop to use in my hair. I realised in this tragique moment this can’t go on. 

Enter local products! Tunisia has some lovely ones I am beginning to discover and below are my current top five that are making me and my body very happy. Also they are all on the natural side if not 100% natural and this makes my mind happy. 

1.Jardin Amazigh Geranium Cream Deodorant

This beautiful all natural deodorant is an armpit saver in a sea of aluminium loaded deodorants. With a firm cream consistency it is super easy to rub with love into your pits and it’s scent is one of my favourites; geranium girl. So good. This deodorant doesn’t stop you sweating like an anti-perspirant (which is a little weird when you think about it) it just makes you smell nicer for longer when you do. Love live sweat!

2. Jardin Amazigh Solid Shampoo with Aryurvedic Plants

Another Jardin Amazigh product that has helped me let go of my love for LUSH products. This solid shampoo is free from all that sulphate nonsense yet still lathers and keeps my hair and scalp happy. It smells of fresh lemon, lasts for ages and is also handy when you travel with hand luggage and liquids have to be limited. One note though; the packaging is not long lasting so you do have to find some sort of container for this ball of shampoo.

3. Organic Rose Water

Tap water on the face everyday can get a bit harsh. But Rose water? Well that’s the water of princesses. On a cotton wool pad, this wipes my face clean with the smell of organic rose. Yes please. On the second wipe I add a drop of geranium essential oil and my face is squeaky clean but still soft. It also removes non-superhuman eye make-up. Rose garden at my sink every night. 

4. Eco Village Essential Oils

Eco Village provides me with my essential oil essentials. Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are regulars in the studio that I use to make yoga mat cleaner, kitchen cleaner, husband cleaner. Only joking…I don’t clean my kitchen.

5. Chefix

Shared with me by a guest who saw that I was being eating alive by mosquitos, Chefix is an old school gem to be found in most Tunisian pharmacies. Principally smelling of eucalyptus, a little goes a long way. It can be used for bites yes, but also for colds rubbed on the chest and added to water for an upset tummy. I’m sure there are many others uses for Chefix, which I am too excited to discover. It’s kind of like the 8 hour cream of Tunisia. Maybe not.