5 Tips For Moving Overseas From A Traveling Vata

~New home, new gorgeous doors from my new hood in Tunis~

~New home, new gorgeous doors from my new hood in Tunis~

The past three years have seen me moving house a lot. The most recent move was ten days ago;  back to Tunisia on a one way ticket. The last time I moved here I arrived with a cold that lasted a month, I was anxious, I was fearful, my digestive system was up and down; basically I was your typical vata completely out of balance. Us vatas loooove travel which is the very thing that can derail us if we’re not prepared. 

This time I was prepared. Over the past couple of years I have discovered what I need to help me land more smoothly, more gradually, rather than suddenly, with a bump and a jolt. Let’s call them my traveling non-negotiables; I like this name! Ok will keep that, TNN for short (geek).

So! My TNN are:


I move towards a routine that I know works for me as soon as possible. For instance bed before midnight and getting up early at the same time everyday after a good night’s sleep. Having an early light dinner makes this more possible; how are morning goes is partly shaped by how the evening before goes.

If this TNN happens 70% of the time I’m happy because moving to a new home is also about making room for the  unplanned and unexpected. For allowing new people, new situations and new cultures in. For being open to the possibility of discovering something, someone or somewhere new that you might love!

2. Spice

I have never actually packed spices but I can absolutely imagine one day being an awesome old lady who forgets to pack pants but has a case full of cinnamon. My vata body is naturally cold, and dry and travelling by it’s nature can make this worse. Spices such as cinnamon and ginger (fresh ginger is even better as this much more moist than powder form) are my two staples that offer the sweetness and heat the help me find balance.

These go in my oats for breakfast along with a little oil such as coconut, which also aids dryness. Along with my tea ( this is do pack! ) this breakfast is grounding, warming and makes the dry juicy for us vatas.

3. Water

Post-traveling I can mostly be found drinking a ton of water and checking the colour of my pee. dark yellow- not good. Light yellow - very good. Travelling by plane, which is naturally dehydrating, alongside suddenly finding ourselves in a new climate and the busyness of moving home can easily lead to not getting enough water; something so simple but so impactful on our wellbeing. Drink water. Check pee.

4. Book

Just before traveling I begin a book that I love. It is often a book that I have read before that is comforting, inspiring and somehow reminds me of what’s important. Continuing to read this book during traveling and then finding it waiting for me in my new home is incredibly lovely. The place inside of me that is moved by these words, is the same place where ever I am. This is comforting and reminds me there is a home within me as well as the home that is changing outside of me.

5. Yoga

Each morning, a practise that sets me up for the day, where ever I am. Right now my focus is less on what the practise is and more on how I am doing it and how it supports me in ‘doing yoga’ during my day. Doing yoga during my day looks like interacting with myself, with others and my environment in a way that is responsive over reactive, that is present, that is my highest.

I find ‘doing yoga’ during the day especially hard when I have just moved home. There is so much to respond to and so much is new. My yoga mat is where I practise the art of being each morning. And yet. I often forget this art of grace, breath, and mindfulness as soon as I’m off the mat. I still have much work to do. This incredible journey continues.