Capturing Those Moments When Living Abroad Makes Sense

Photo by  Sami Trabelsi

Photo by Sami Trabelsi

That moment when you realise that your exactly where your meant to be. That even though it is hard sometimes and you question your decision making skills that brought you here, you know in that brief moment that this is part of your purpose.

This knowing for me is fleeting and easily forgotten. It is for that reason that writing down something can be so precious; a reminder of this certainty, yes this understanding did happen.

For me it is something to look back on when I feel completely out of alignment with what I am doing and where I am. When I don’t understand the language around me for just a little bit too long and I wonder will I ever get to join in?

When someone’s way of doing something in the world of work is so different from what I am used to in England that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. When too many people don’t show up, don’t reply, don’t get that when I say I’ll be there I presume they mean the same. 

What currently throws you out of alignment with where you are and what you are doing?

Look back at journal. Remember. Breathe. Talk to a friend who has had the same experience until you are both laughing about it and conclude you are both completely rubbish at making decisions. 

Who can you reach out to in those moments when you need empathy and perspective through laughter ( and if your British much sarcasm and tea )?

The last time I had a moment of making all the different culture-difficult stuff worth it was post private class, in which a client entrusted me in supporting them in being a better them through yoga.

This takes daring to be vulnerable in front of another, which takes courage and I am honoured whenever someone asks me for input on this.

I realised that if I only offer one person the ability to hear their own breath and to remember they can choose how they breath, then being here is right for right now. 

What one thing, if achieved makes it all worth it for you?

A moment’s peace in a busy mind, this medicine I offer you. A practise to come back to when it all  goes wrong, this I share.

Yoga taught by someone that needs it more than most of her clients, this I reveal. Because that’s me; sharing something I do everyday because if I don’t I’m just not as nice.

I do it on the mat yes, but off the mat too. Looking at myself with as much compassion as I can muster and wondering what the heck went wrong there?

How could I have responded to that better? Who was I judging just because they are different to me and who can I say sorry to? How can I learn from this? Again and again. 

It’s worth it. For moment’s like this when someone looks to me for support and I can honestly say I’m right there with you because I am already doing exactly what you are doing.