Yoga For The Spring, Summer And Autumn Of Your Cycle


In the last post we looked at the period part of our cycle, what Alexander Pope describes as winter. (Read about the different parts of our cycle as seasons here).


Following the hibernation season of winter comes the new energy of spring. Bleeding ceases and estrogen levels begin to rise as the incredible body begins to build an egg from scratch all over again.

We find ourselves ready to emerge from hibernation and step back into the world with increasing purpose, motivation and focus. Spring is an opportunity to practising loving ourselves in all our uniqueness, in order to express ourselves authentically in summer.

Yoga in spring is a wonderful opportunity to practise self love, self care and self celebration! Follow your intuition and practise the style of yoga you feel drawn to, now is the perfect time to try something new.

During class make the practise your own. Follow your instinct; get playful, experiment, linger in a favourite pose, challenge yourself. 

Spring for me is often when I find myself doing yoga to music and in general enjoying immensely dancing in the kitchen to my favourite songs!


If spring is when we tenderly plant the seeds of ourselves, summer is when we come into full bloom and make visible the full expression of who we are.

Summer bears the fruits of previous seasons. If we have honoured the qualities of winter and spring, summer is when we can step into our unique power from a place of understanding who we are and what we are here to do.

This is the season to get stuff done! We are motivated and connected to our purpose. 

In our yoga practise we feel strong, powerful and connected to our unique fabulous selves. Whatever style of yoga we are drawn to, our yoga mat becomes a place to celebrate ourselves.

Summer is the perfect season for strong, dynamic and heating styles of yoga. Get your vinyasa, power and hot yoga on!

If you want to try yoga for the first time, your summer season could be the perfect time of the month to do it, as naturally you are feeling motivated and are happy to be out in the world, seen for who you are.


 The end of summer approaches and autumn is in the air. The more we get to know our cycle, the more we can feel this subtle shift in which ovulation occurs and estrogen levels dip.

The petals begin to fall and pre-menstruation is upon us.

Often the familiar patterns of our inner critic appear and we are presented with what we have not found peace with yet. 

Culture would have us shy away from this challenging season and numb ourselves with sugar, netflix ...whatever your numbing tool of choice is!

Just to clarify; I don’t think there is anything wrong with a bit of netflix and chocolate, sometimes it’s just what the moon doctor ordered. It all depends on the motive. If we are seeking pleasure as a way to avoid the difficult stuff every time we hit autumn we are perhaps repeatedly ignoring what’s really going on for us.

My autumn can be difficult. I find myself getting angry at everything and everyone; anything but sit with myself and my own demons that show up every month. In recent month simply knowing that it’s autumn has helped me incredibly.

Because if we know it is our autumn and we know our challenge is to hear what the inner critic is saying, unpack it and decipher what is helpful and what is not, we get to grow. 

We get to own our PMT rather than be a victim of it. We cultivate our ability to observe our ego and lessen its power. We find strength we didn’t know we had. Each autumn becomes a harvest of wisdom.

And yoga? This is the season in which yoga can be a powerful tool if we let it. However, we can find ourselves avoiding our practise during autumn because we don’t want to be with just us on a yoga mat!

(We can also do the opposite and go hard in our yoga practise as a way to numb ourselves from the inner critic.)

Instead see if you can show up on your yoga mat with the intention of being with the difficult stuff; the low mood, the inner critic, the anger, the whatever, let it be there. As you breathe and move mindfully, become the observer of you. Let the emotions rise and if that means tears, let them flow.

Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and meditation can be useful during autumn, both offer stillness in which to become the effortless observer and both offer rest after the movement of summer.

As we honour autumn in this way, we prepare ourselves for a winter of surrender, letting go and deeply nourishing renewal. (see last blog post to read all about winter ).

Every month is four seasons. Every year is twelve months. Thats a lot of cycles! Let’s work with them rather than against them and allow them to become an integral part of how we navigate this life as a women.