Becoming the Poet of Yourself*


What wisdom does the body hold that we are missing out on? 

What information within feeling are we bypassing daily? 

Is a body embodied the gift we've forgotten?


Would the choice of awareness that our body is sharing, 

Help us feel in our cells, in our heart, in our belly when something is



What do you long for? 

What does anxious feel like?

How do you know when your hearts had enough?


I long for the words that I speak to be in alignment with how I truly feel

and what I actually want.

Because when they don’t I feel anxious; a restless tiger in the pit of my


And when I can’t talk but I can cry then my heart, my nerves, my mind's

had enough.


When we move do we listen to the sounds of our body;

The tingly, numbness, churning and vast?


Do we realise when we practise

If we consistently listen,

That there’s information that is golden in helping us see,

Who we are, where we stand, what we’re not, what we need?


I long for my practise to provide space for exploration, understanding

and personal growth.

Because with unawareness, I unknowingly close the book of my body.

I can’t read the pages of others, I ignore the needs of our earth.


I want to know.

I want to know all of it.

My experience of what’s happening on a sensory level.


Because in both asana and posture,

On my mat/with another, 

My body is being,


It's intricate science,

A poet ready to be.


It’s waiting to stand tall when I need to,

It’s bursting to breath slowly because it knows this will help,

It’s waiting for a plan to be made in response to the pain

At the start not when its drastic, desperate and damned.


Lets reacquaint, 

The inner to the outer,

To the other

To ourselves,

To the gift

We've forgotten,

The data filled feeling

That by naming we discover

There's potential coherence 

Between sensory feeling and our words in response.


* Title of poem courtesy of talented writer Matthew Remski, who writes on the idea of becoming the poet of yourself here.