Beneath the word God

God is...JPG

Where is - 

God is beneath the word God,

Where is - God is in the people you meet

The people you will

And the people you'll never,

Where is - God is in you

And God is in me,

Where is - God's in the trees

And the seeds

And the journey between,

Where is - God's in the nothing

The silence

Where is - when we dare to stop.

Where is - God's in the prophets, the saint and the idols,

Why does - God talk about people because we do,

Why does - God kill other people because we do,

Where is - God's found within us

And we're looking out there

For this something to sort us,

Where is -  there's nothing but God all around us, 

Where is - if we're looking for change

Then it's in us.