The Yin Yoga Circle


I am very excited to introduce The Yin Yoga Circle to Goldsmiths University of London; the place I studied, the place in which I re-discovered my joy in dance and where I taught my very first yoga class!

The Yin Yoga Circle is an invitation to experience a therapeutic circle, infusing the healing benefits of sharing what’s on your mind and listening to others, with the beautiful and healing practise of yin yoga.

Stressed out ...stuck in your head ...anxious ...depressed ...overworked ...blocked ...exhausted ...tense ...uninspired? Read on...


Within a circle of no more than eight people, guided by yoga teacher and movement therapist Ciara Collins-Atkins, the session will begin with an opportunity to share where you're at and listen to others. This can be a word, a shrug, an avalanche of words; it is a confidential and supportive space in which each week you can bring yourself, exactly as you are.

This will be followed by an hour of yin yoga led by Ciara. No previous experience of yoga is necessary to benefit from the magic of yin. In yin yoga the poses are for all bodies. Each pose, usually held between one to five minutes, is created to open the meridian lines of the body and to allow energy (chi) to flow more freely. Within the stillness of each pose, the connective tissue of the body is accessed, allowing deeply embedded tension to be released.

In our day to day life we don’t often give ourselves the nourishing gift of breathing into the stillness of our body; this can be both relaxing and also an extremely challenging form of moving mindfulness; to be fully understood yin yoga has to be experienced!

The session will close with a space in which to share anything that has arisen from the practise, in which to listen, in which to be just as you are.

Where: Goldsmiths University of London

 When: Tuesdays 5.30-7.00pm

 The next course will be on 24th March - 19th May ( this includes one week’s break on 7th April)

 Note: Each eight week course is a closed group and is limited to eight people per course.

 Cost: £48

Yoga mats will be provided, a blanket and a cushion is optional but very much recommended.

 For further information and to register please contact Ciara.