The Daily Journey

In this swirling mixture of life

We're connected

I know it

But my bowl of mind mixture 

It isolates daily. 

I see the separateness in other's eyes 

I feel it in mine

The judging is sticky 

And I'm stuck in this habit.

Every now and then

An open heart sees me

Invites me to be one

And sometimes I accept

And everything makes sense 

But mostly I don’t.


I forget 

Or  I'm lost 

In the past 

Or the future 

Wishing things could be different 

Unable to move

From the bowl of mind mixture

To the bowl we're all sharing 

The bigger picture,

Where I'm not alone 

And we're in this together 

And I get to laugh

And the comedy frees me!


I smile myself into trusting

That tomorrow is better

And often it is 

And sometimes it's not

For me it's a journey 

With plenty of stops.

Sometimes there's grace

And sometimes there's not

Because sometimes I walk 

With a clunk in my step 

My heart in my shoes 

I resist moving forward 

Fear my heart would get squelched.


Sometimes I wonder 

What it'd be like

To place my heart on my sleeve 

All the time in full view

With nowhere to hide

From here it would guide me 

Move me closer to God

And the divine within me

And you'd get to see it, feel it, be it 

I think God's painted pictures 

And we're all works of art .