Home is a state of consciousness, where in your spirit you feel safe, held, and free.* The journey home is that something you do, that place you go, that person you call, that leaves you feeling nourished, inspired and connected to who you are.

Following years of living in different countries, founder of Yoga Home, Ciara, discovered that no matter where she was, home for her included being part of a community, a regular yoga practise and a beautiful space dedicated to this ritual.

What is home for you?

*From Heart Centred Living By Pamela Kribbe


When who we are is aligned with who we are with and what we are doing, we find a sense of belongingness that feels like home.


To practise is to return, time and time again, to that which we have chosen to explore, grapple with and refine. Through our chosen practise we return home to ourselves.


A space, no matter how small, that is dedicated to our practise, reflects our commitment and supports us in shifting our awareness to the practise of returning home.





Teacher & Founder of Yoga Home

Ciara has taught yoga since 2012 following the study of yoga at the Yoga Vidya gurukul ashram in India.

An eternal student, she continues to study yoga through the work of Elena Brower, Kia Miller, Judith Hanson Lasater and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.

Most recently Ciara received a scholarship to study Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan at the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in New Mexico.

Ciara’s teaching also draws upon her masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, degree in Contemporary Dance and study of ballet from the age of 5.




Guest Teacher

YOGA changed my life!!! No need to list degrees, count the weeks of internships or years of practise...For me YOGA is today, it is this moment of happiness that I experience when I unroll my mat and practice my postures in peace and silence, focusing on myself, my body and my breath.

YOGA has changed my body and my mind, it has helped me to understand what is essential; to live my passion and to spread Love and Happiness around me. Today I invite you to share with a moment of pleasure, of Love and Happiness. Together on the path towards health and light!!!




Guest Teacher

Omar Damak has always been passionate about psychology and spirituality.

In 2009, he discovered Laughter Yoga and meditation and there began his regular practice. In 2015, he trained in India at the Laughter Yoga University with the founder Doctor Madan Kataria. In 2016, he received a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India certified by Yoga Alliance USA with Trimurti Yoga.

During his sessions, Omar's vision is to create a space where everyone can be the person he/she wants to be, without any constraints or limitations.