Yoga Garden Clothes Swop

Saturday 25th May, 2019, 10h00-12h30

(Yoga 10h00-11h15 Clothes Swap11h30-12h30)


Come enjoy Saturday morning yoga class at Yoga Home followed by a clothes swap session in the garden! Bring along your worn but still awesome clothes, shoes and accessories and take home something new for your wardrobe :)

Yoga Class 10h00 - 11h15*
Clothes Swap in Garden - 11h30 - 12h30

*Normal price for yoga class.

Yoga & Seniatna Saturday Brunch

Saturday 27th April, 2019, 10h00-13h30


A second delicious collaboration between Yoga Home and Seniatna!

Sharing a meal post yoga practise is one of my favourite ways to take my yoga off my mat and into real life, come join before Ramadan is upon us :)

Step 1: Get the body moving in an energising flowing yoga class with Ciara. All levels welcome.

Step 2: Take a seat for a healthy brunch of local organic produce including fresh bread, eggs, cheese, honey, olive oil, jams, bsissa, dried fruit and homemade cake.

Step 3: Begin your week feeling connected to yourself and this beautiful growing yoga community.


Price: 45dt (or 20dt plus your Yoga Home Class Pack)

Student discount: 20%

Yoga : 10h00 - 11h15
Brunch : 11h30 - 13h30

Please reserve your place through payment at Yoga Home by Wednesday 24th April.

Note that places are limited, max. 10 people.

A Journey Towards The Self With Maninder Prem Kaur

Saturday 6th April, 2019, 9h30-12h30

Sunday 7th April, 2019, 9h30-12h30


Through the powerful practise of kundalini yoga we will explore different techniques to overcome the emotional, physical and psychological storms that can leave us overwhelmed, out of balance and disconnected from our true selves.

Through kriyas ( sequences of postures ) we will return home to ourselves. Through breath techniques ( pranayama ) we will remember that breath is one of our greatest tools. And through mantra we will guide the mind to the present moment. Keep up!


Early Bird ( before Saturday 6th April ) :

Saturday: 75dt
Sunday: 75dt
Both workshops: 140dt

On The Day:

Saturday: 85dt
Sunday: 85dt
Both Workshops: 160dt

Take one workshop or do both. The theme of the workshop is the same for both workshops, but the content will be different.

Reserve your spot by paying 50% of total at Yoga Home.

Workshop in french.

Maninder Prem Kaur (Sophie)

I live in Paris and share my time between my work in communications and teaching kundalini yoga. It is in Tunisia, at the Maison des Jeunes de la Marsa, that I discovered dance with an exceptional Tunisian woman. Indeed it was the movement and the music that drew me to kundalini yoga.

My practice of kundalini yoga dates back more than 25 years. I was searching for a form of yoga that combines dynamism, softness, energy and vibration with a spiritual dimension. I explored two styles of yoga and it was kundalini yoga that I eventually chose because it encompasses all of this so powerfully. Kundalini yoga transformed me, I was reborn with the desire to share this practise with others. Keep up!

The Back Lab

Sunday March 24th, 2019, 09h30 - 12h30


This workshop will explore some of the most common back problems encountered while sitting, standing and sleeping, and how we can support our back with intelligent yoga, both on our yoga mat and in our daily lives.

Through discussion, practice and partner work, you will learn alignment, strengthening and breathing exercises with physiotherapist of 25 years, Aida Louiz Tira and yoga teacher of Home Yoga, Ciara Collins-Atkins.

You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of your back and knowledge that you can use both in your yoga class and in your daily life for a healthier and happier back.

Investment: 60dt

Please reserve your space by paying 50% of total to Yoga Home, either at the studio or via bank transfer.

Workshop in french.

Kundalini Yoga Weekend With Shama Kaur

YOGA HOME is very excited to offer a weekend of three workshops with SHAMA KAUR; Egypt's first yoga teacher! Discover the incredible life affirming practise of Kundalini Yoga through three workshops that explore the power of Kundalini Yoga in 3 different aspects of your life. Participate in all three workshops and simply choose one:


Deeply Relax & Gong Sound Healing

Friday 8th February, 2019, 19h00-21h00

Experience the potent combination of Kundalini Yoga and Gong Sound Healing to let go of pain from the past, sink deeply into the present moment and experience profound relaxation.

- Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
- A Talk on Pain & Healing
- Kundalini Yoga & Pranayama
- Relaxation with Gong Sound Healing
- Meditation


Living Wisely As A Woman

Saturday 9th February, 2019, 14h30-17h30

As a modern day woman you are constantly pressured to make quick decisions that not only serve you but also your friends, family and more! BUT, your challenge is that like the moon, you wax and wane, you expand and contract, you change your mind quickly, you sway from side to side due to your mensural cycle and later menopause.

Learn daily tools for finding your centre of power as a woman, to know when to make important decisions and to understand better your beautiful ups and downs.

- Kundalini Yoga for Women
- Music & Movement
- Meditation
- A Talk & Discussion
- A 40-day meditation challenge


Love & Relationships

Sunday 10th February, 2019, 9h30-12h30

Love is a funny thing. We all want to be in love but we do not want to be in pain. But love can't exist without pain and there is no pain without love.

So how can we enjoy love, stay in the moment and cultivate long-lasting relationships? What are some of the best practices for men and women to ensure a loving committed relationships?Discover the purpose of relationships, the 4 stages of love, a woman's needs versus a man's needs and and so much more!


- Kundalini Yoga
- A Talk & Discussion
- Interactive Group Activities
- Meditation


EARLY BIRD ( Pay by Friday 25th January )
3 Workshops - 270dt
Deeply Relax & Gong Sound Healing - 90dt
Living Wisely As A Woman - 100dt
Love & Relationships - 100dt

REGULAR PRICE ( Pay by Tuesday February 5th )
3 Workshops - 300dt
Deeply Relax & Gong Sound Healing - 100dt
Living Wisely As A Woman - 110dt
Love & Relationships - 110dt

Please reserve your space by paying 50% of total at Yoga Home.

All workshops are suitable for all levels.
All workshops are held in English.

photo stage yoga 1.jpg

Yoga’s Inner Journey: An End of Year Workshop

December 29th, 2018,14h30-17h30

Swiss-based yoga teacher and psychologist  Abi Quiñones-Fonjallaz invites you to this unique workshop combining yoga and personal reflection. End your year by turning within, quietening the mind and moving the body.

This 3-hour workshop integrates Yang postures that reinforce body and balance, and Yin postures that are held for several minutes, allowing deep release, with blindfolds that allow you to concentrate fully on sensations and breath. You will leave the workshop revitalised, calm and filled with blissful energy. 

Please bring comfortable warm clothes, socks and pen & notebook for journaling.

Intermediate level: A minimum 4 months of regular yoga practice required.

Price: 80dt

To register: Please get in contact or visit the studio. A pre-payment of 40dt is required to confirm your reservation.

Spaces are limited to 9 participants. 

Deadline for registration: December 25th 2018

Abi Quinones-Fonjallaz - Yoga Teacher and Psychologist

Based in Switzerland, international yoga teacher Abi has travelled in 5 continents to share and cultivate her passion for yoga. She started practicing yoga in 2001 in the Philippines, during her Masters studies in Psychology. Abi has been teaching yoga since 2003 in different cultural contexts, leading workshops and classes in French and English.

After an inspiring experience at Anand Prakash yoga ashram in India, she completed her yoga teacher training in Bali with Akasha Yoga Academy (certified RYS-200 Yoga Alliance). An intensive Yoga for Cancer training program (Y4C) at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, USA, allowed Abi to deepen her understanding and develop skills to provide appropriate yoga classes for cancer survivors.

She also enhanced her teaching techniques in Biodynamic Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Cat Kabira in Costa Rica. A deep immersion in Hatha Yoga and Pranayama with Stephen Thomas at Airyoga, Zurich and a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat led by Steve and Rosemary Weissman enriched her personal yoga and meditation practice. This journey of growth and learning continues through regular yoga retreats and workshops

Abi currently teaches and develops activities around yoga and community in her yoga center Ananda Shala in La Tour-de-Peilz, on the shores of Lake Geneva